Appraisals for New Classic Vehicle Owners

We help you with your new classic car or bike.

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Does the VIN number on your ownership match your car?

We have a special VIN correction form

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How useful can a car appraisal be?

There is a very specific reason your professional car appraisal can be very useful: By informing your insurance company how your car has been configured you remove any doubt when it comes the time of a claim. I had one client who had his custom wheels stolen the same night as the appraisal visit, the […]

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Your Car Appraisal: 3 Things You Need to Consider

There are 3 components to a professional (and valid) car appraisal. First, the appraisal company should be an insurance industry approved car appraiser. Second, the auto appraisal should be conducted on-site. The third thing is to get an experienced vehicle appraiser to conduct the car appraisal professionally. Let’s look at those three things in more […]

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Another Reason to Get a Car Appraisal

Sinkhole swallows eight corvettes in Kentucky (report via Toronto Star). Eight American muscle cars lay stacked on top of each other like toys after a sinkhole opened up inside the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky. See Video Yet another reason to protect your classic car investment and have your car appraised!

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Vintage Auto Insurance Offering Gold Insurance Policy

Vintage Auto Insurance is now offering a classic car insurance policy (19A Endorsement) for modern special interest cars of $100K or more in value, or for an owner having a collection with a value greater than $150K.

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A reminder about the Collector Car Insurance – 19A Endorsement

Collector Car Insurance – 19A Endorsement REMINDER!

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Get a Car Appraisal, Save Hundreds of Dollars

As a classic car owner, you have the opportunity to save 100s of dollars on on your Classic Car, Truck and Street Rod insurance by getting a professional appraisal. Stock auto or Modified vehicle, the following insurance companies offer rates that will save you hundreds of dollars over the years you own your toy. These […]

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Car Appraisals in Oakville Ontario

Looking for a Local Car Appraiser in Oakville? Car Appraisal Tip: Choose a vintage auto appraiser who is both Insurance Industry approved and is located near you in Oakville. Maurice Bramhall & Associates have been producing Insurance Industry approved car appraisals since 1991 for people just like you. We offer reasonably priced auto appraisals and […]

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Do I Need a Car Appraisal?

Does my car require an appraisal? A car is considered to be classic if it is 20 years or older. To be insured, the vehicle requires a car appraisal. The car appraisal needs to be completed by an appraiser who is qualified to produce insurance industry approved appraisals. Maurice Bramhall & Associates have been producing […]

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