Appraisals for Financial Industry Professionals

We offer several services that make the disposal of vehicular assets convenient:

Valuation and Appraisal Services

  • We can inspect the subject vehicle where it is stored and report on its current market value.
  • We can work from descriptive documents if the vehicle is not currently available for inspection.
  • We can give you an opinion on how best to dispose of the asset in a timely manner that also preserves asset value.
  • If the vehicle is to be passed on to an inheritor, we can remove the vehicle if it is not mobile, and have it prepared for on road service.
  • We have safe, secure and fully insured storage.

Asset Disposal

  • We can arrange for the sale of the vehicle through normal automotive industry channels
  • We arrange for an inspection by several wholesale purchasers and present the formal offers to the estate trustee who can then choose the best offer
  • We can arrange to auction a vehicle on the Internet, receive all contact from prospective purchasers, obtain acceptance from the trustee, arrange funds to be transferred to the trustee, arrange shipping of the vehicle to the purchaser with the vehicle being stored in our insured facility for easy inspection

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