Important Information for Executors and Families

“We make the Will Executors life easy.”

Most wills prepared contain a clause permitting the executor(s) to arrange estate administration liability insurance.

This provision is made because most testators prefer to protect their executor(s) from serious financial liability that can expose their personal assets to beneficiaries, creditors, or other parties that have or have had business issues with the deceased party.

You should familiarize yourself with the facts around managing an estate.

The executor role is complex, challenging, and often time consuming. For most executors, this is a once or twice in a lifetime role, with a steep learning curve and little room for error, while making the myriad of decisions you’re facing.

Please review this FAQ on estates regarding estates and remember: if there are vehicles in the estate that you are the executor for, a professional appraisal insures and protects you against legal proceedings or tax issues.

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