Estate Appraisal Resume

Maurice Bramhall &Associates have been appraising cars professionally since 1991. We have been trusted to provide accurate and thorough professional car appraisals for estate handlers such as Scotia Private Client and other individuals/families.

Whether it be one vehicle or a fleet of high-value classic automobiles, we have the experience and expertise to appraise any vehicle within an estate, from the simple to the complex.

We handle appraisals for modern cars/SUVs, classic or antique automobiles, stock or custom motor bikes, trucks, taxi fleets, trucking fleets, snowmobiles, ATV, boats, etc., providing an appraisal that can be counted on in this new era of more strict regulation and accountability.

We are available for consultation regarding our professional appraisal service for estate handlers.

For a formal, detailed PDF resume, please contact us.