Modern Car Appraisals

The new “modern classics insurance policy” recently introduced is a boon to the collector of classics built within the last 15 years. We offer a professional appraisal service for owners of modern classics.

Maurice Bramhall & Associates have been appraising automobiles professionally since 1991. We provide thorough and well documented appraisal reports after inspecting your modern classic on-site. We carefully review all aspects of the vehicle and produce an Insurance Industry approved printed report in colour.

Why have a modern car appraised?

  • Establish a value for a rare unit, this may be rare to Canada, a dealer-only prepared unit, a vehicle from a custom builder or coachbuilder, a production unit customized by one of the performance/upgrading companies.
  • A vehicle that, due to unusual circumstances, has exceptionally low mileage and well maintained condition. The normal trade value guides would not represent a realistic market value in these situations. Our report will set a value in line with actual condition in place of average market numbers in the customary guides.

Contact us to arrange for your professional classic car appraisal.

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