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Records for an Insurance Dispute

Insurance Dispute Tip #1 When you’re in an insurance dispute, all the records that you have accumulated over the years become very valuable. This is especially true if your vehicle is stolen or heavily damaged. All these documents help paint a picture of your vehicle. They also track mileage travelled. If you have a vehicle […]

Automobile Accident Claim? Our Expertise Increases your Payout.

Maurice Bramhall & Associates provides professional representation during your automobile-related insurance claim. We act on your behalf to maximize what the insurance company will pay you. In one instance, on behalf of a client we obtained $20,000+ more on an insurance claim pay out that otherwise the insurance company would not have paid. Our comprehensive […]

Installing Optional Equipment? Tell Your Insurance Company!

When we get calls from people who are unhappy with the insurance company offer after the vehicle has been deemed a total loss, a common question is how do they get compensated for the optional equipment that they have installed on it since they have owned it. Our question to them is “did you notify […]

How Best to Prepare for an Insurance Dispute

Insurance companies love documentation