About Maurice Bramhall & Associates

Maurice Bramhall and Associates has been providing professional appraisal and valuation services for over 19 years. We serve the Greater Toronto Area, north to Barrie and west to Hamilton.

Our team of certified appraisers have done numerous appraisals, appeared as expert witnesses in court proceedings and are avowed classic vehicle enthusiasts.

We offer:

  • car, truck and motorbike valuations (stock or custom) for insurance purposes
  • provincial sales tax valuation report for when a vehicle is being registered
  • reports on value for purposes of divorce settlements, estates, and commercial purposes

We are commissioned by private individuals, law firms, banks, estates and other financial institutions. Our appraisals have been used to facilitate resolution of disputes that involve vehicular assets.

We offer a “money back” guarantee that our appraisal will be accepted by all insurance companies.

If our appraisal is employed in any dispute resolution process, we are available to appear in court on your behalf with normal compensation. All our appraisers have a wide background in their specialty.

Our fees are competitive within the industry, our approach to all projects is professional in nature. All our reports offer a full description of the appraised article or equipment along with a written report and photographs where appropriate.

Mr. Maurice Bramhall, President and Owner has an extensive background in the automotive industry and prior to that in industrial quality control. His exacting standards are applied to everyone of our projects.

Our aim is to provide you the customer with the fully documented and professionally presented report to satisfy the needs or requirements of the parties that you will present it to.